The North


Issue Nº 1

Printed Newspaper Journal, Summer 2013/2014



As originally published in print

In a world where everything is instant and information flows around us like a tidal wave of viral data, we have become swamped in an Internet bog of one post blogs, and hardcore porn. There is so much information available to us that we have to sift through a lot of mediocrity before we find anything remotely resembling gold. In an instant (let’s say a second), roughly 11.5 new websites have been created, which is about 695 a minute and 41,666 an hour, a million a day and 31 million a month, and all that’s on top of over 700 million websites and 250 million domains. That’s a whole lot of information available in an instant.

This publication was not made in an instant, and it won’t reach a million people, but it will leave real ink on your fingers and you will feel real paper between your hands and we did genuinely sweat at some point in the making of this paper. 

The NORTH is an exploration of the stories, adventures and creativity that is housed on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. While we will always spread our focus far beyond just our coastline we believe this one of a kind area needs a voice that is not represented enough in the current media. We aim to build a creative community that brings together all those that want to be a part of telling our collective story. 

While the stereotypes and judgements float around about this area of Sydney we feel the creativity and inspiring communities are not some new phenomenon but rather something that is often misrepresented. The NORTH aims to represent the northern beaches in an honest publication that is accessible to all those that are willing to pick it up and give it a read. We support local business, we support local people and we explore outside our immediate locale to be involved in something that is much bigger.

The creators involved in this publication have all grown up together forging their own respective paths in life hoping to one day be writers, artists, photographers and designers. Being lucky enough to grow up in an area that allowed us all the luxury to explore one’s creativity is something many across the globe do not have, therefore we are grateful and hope to make the most of this opportunity to reach out and encourage creativity. This is not our first community venture, for two years we ran a creative warehouse space in the back of Warriewood that went by the name Brawler. This begun back in January 2010 by a group of young mismatched friends all who shared a similar vision; while we never set concrete goals we simply saw the benefit of placing all our ideas physically and mentally in one collective space. A small group of us worked and created in this warehouse for two years throwing events (a classy word for parties) reaching out to like-minded locals to join us. The basic idea was to simply have a place for people to come and recognise the already strong creative community that exists on the Northern Beaches. We recognise that we were not the first to do this, and hopefully not the last. The National Grid and the former Concrete Crayons space are both groups we have been inspired by and have in their own right, made a major contribution to the creative community of the Northern Beaches.

When Brawler closed it’s doors after two years we were sure it had served it’s purpose and it was time for something new. The NORTH is this something. It’s an extension of our creative collective concept at Brawler in print form, the bringing together of all those inspiring people we know inhabit this area. We feel print is the new way being told the old way, allowing us to tell great stories in the form we love and hold onto. 

This publication will not be perfect. There will be mistakes, and that’s how we have loved to learn, the action of doing. We have worked many a job as a warehouse packer, supermarket shelve stackers, baristas, bar staff, labourer, retail, photographers, assistant designers and interns, the whole time pursuing our real passions. 

Along with tales and adventures from the Northern Beaches we include stories from around the globe to inspire and instigate community conversations that branch out from our immediate world. The contributors for this publication are not just from Palm Beach to Manly but across the globe, so we encourage all of you that wish to be involved to get in contact and help build this voice. Consider The NORTH as your vessel, to carry your stories, pictures & opinions beyond your home port.

If you’re holding this paper in your hands, please share it with your kinfolk and hopefully it inspires more ‘real’ connections, collaborations
and creations.