The North


Issue Nº 14

Printed Newspaper Journal – Spring 2017




It is getting harder and harder not to be political in this publication. This journal has always strived to be about something more important than politics. We always believed that through sharing stories we can help connect with each other a little better. Unfortunately right now, there are some bloody horrific tales being told and they are impossible to ignore. Recently, when I was watching the Vice news coverage of the Charlottesville riots I felt anger, angst and a sadness that was so deep I found myself sitting in complete awe at how senseless and stupid humans really can be. I also promised myself I would stop mentioning the T(rump) word in this journal, as it seems you can’t wake up without the news reporting on the next dumb thing Mr. T has done. I couldn’t help but think the world is doomed.

Fast forward a few days and I’m chatting to a friend who put me onto a podcast interview with well known biologist Bruce Lipton, who has some pretty radical ideas on our genes and DNA. However, science aside, Lipton went on to speak about the future of the human race in a very positive light. Instead of getting angry and jaded at the current state of affairs, he chose to focus on the youth. The reason being, the youth do not care about borders and they do not care about sexuality or religion as a source of division. The youth are so disinterested in what all these old ‘stuck-in-their-ways-powers-that-be’ have to say that they are simply tuning out. And it is by tuning out from the current system that the youth will create new systems, new ways of being and new societies that are actually better off. Lipton went on to say that the old ways of Darwinism thinking are no longer relevant, as evolution moves away from competition to co-operation. I guess, if we keep trying to blow each other up, eventually there will be nothing left to blow up. The youth are now participating in a global community every day on their phones, it is no longer possible to only think of your immediate locale and what’s best for you and your immediate neighbour. 

Here I was, a jaded 32 year old thinking that Instagram and Facebook had destroyed any chance the youth had, but in actual fact it may be the one thing that’s connecting people and breaking boundaries at a younger age. Mandela once said “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of their skin or their background or their religion”, it must be us who have been teaching the kids how to hate. 

Maybe with the youth being exposed to more of the world and under less supervision, they are better equipped to be open minded, empathetic and capable of thinking of the global community. The youth are notoriously apathetic when it comes to what the older generation have to say and maybe sometimes that can be seen as a positive thing, when you have people like Mr. T running countries and marching around playing down acts of moronic division like the Charlottesville riots.

This new idea of the youth being more than capable of ensuring our transformation into a more accepting society all came to a head one afternoon, when I made the “old” person mistake of turning on the news. And there he was, in all his rambling old man glory, politician Bob Katter, whinging about the word gay and how it had been stolen from law abiding, heterosexual, tax paying citizens like himself, who liked to use the word gay, until the homosexuals stole it from him. The “old” me would have found this infuriating, however, the new “youthful” me laughed at the old fart and thought to myself - ‘it’s ok, he’ll be gone soon’.

This is by no means a call to sit back and wait for the old ways of thinking to die off, it is merely acknowledging that this is already happening. The old ways are dying. We are improving as human beings and it is a nice to think positively about the change ahead. We are not doomed. I think we need to hasten cultural change whenever possible and keep fighting the good fight, it is just nice to know that ‘the times they are a-changin’.