The North


Issue Nº 15

Printed Newspaper Journal – Summer 2017/18




You really are a talented bunch, aren’t you? A pack of true blue, honest legends. All of you creative, opinionated humans out there who have in some way contributed to this publication. See, the fact is, this publication is just as much you, the reader, as it is us, the behind the scenes crew.

If you pick up this journal and read its pages, or even simply flick through and browse the images, thank you. We have no doubt that you are an open-minded individual who loves a good old yarn. Seeing people pick up these pages is why, against all the ‘real world’ signs telling us to give up, we keep going. We keep pushing to the next issue amongst the 9-5 job constraints, amongst the rent and mortgage payments, knowing that you are out there are picking it up and having a read. It’s the reason why we’ve stuck around for four years now, even though at times it may have been easier to lose the giant print bill, downsize and become a blog post. Luckily, we aren’t that good at the internet. 

We’ve had support from day one from businesses big and small. We have seen you grow with us and around us, into the dreams you first told us about over a coffee or an afternoon schooner at the bowlo. There are some of you who have not missed an issue, there are some who have just come onboard, but we can guarantee if you see an advertisement in this publication, they are the reason the lights stay on. 

We have met some incredible humans along the way. Storytellers, dreamers, writers, photographers, artists, punks and future revolutionaries (bit dramatic maybe, but I reckon it’s true). All these people have donated their time so that we can share with you the essence of human life: connection and community. We are here to connect, if not in person, through stories and print. We believe in more than an Instagram account and more than a website, we believe in a tactile relationship with the reader in which we rely on you to put down the new technology in exchange for the old. Through connection we can slowly break down divides and educate each other on other ways of living, we can open minds, we can challenge each other. 

Thank you to all the contributors that work on this journal and donate countless hours to helping out - we’re by no means perfect, but you are the ones who help us to keep moving on to the next issue and the next story. 

Thank you reader, you’re doing a top job. Keep on reading.