The North


Issue Nº 3

Printed Newspaper Journal – Spring 2014

“is more pervasive now than ever in my opinion and from it, there is a lot of good things happening”


Do It Yourself, a powerful way of thinking that covers everything from Bunning’s hardware fanatics to the punk movement of the 1970s. DIY as a subculture however, has been ever present in youth and music cultures since those early punk days of teaching yourself to play 3 chords on guitar, making your own band t-shirts, starting your own venues and publishing your own zines. You didn’t know how to do any of these things, you just did it. Worked it out along the way. The idea you didn’t need to be a trained professional with years of experience but just needed the will to start and finish something regardless of
skill level. 

DIY has shifted and morphed these days into a world where a youtube tutorial can teach you how to build a website, make a film, start your fashion label, record your first hit single and apply the make up for your first morning show interview with Kochy, talking about your new internet start up that’s boosted the economy.  Kochy’s stoked on your young DIY attitude. 

The North is DIY. We didn’t realise it, we didn’t plan it to be, it just happened. Issue 3 is going to print tomorrow and this past week leading up to deadline has been spent chasing photos from talented self-taught photographers, editing words from creative writers who until now have never been published and receiving artwork from an amazing artist who studied philosophy after dropping out of art school. Then there’s our feature on the photos of empty skate parks from around the world, a tribute to the DIY movement in skateboarding, which has always been a champion of the DIY subculture, just look at the videos and the brands that have come out of that sport in the past 20 years. I’m not talking about Nike. 

So as we ran around attempting to finish issue 3 we started getting excited, thinking about the possibilities of the future, thinking about issue 4 and who else we can get involved. We have learnt that simply by reaching out to like minded people no matter what their status, most the time they are keen to be involved in our little publication and I think this is because all of the people we feature at some point have roots in DIY, whether or not they recognise this doesn’t really matter but they identify with what The North is about and come on board. And for that we are grateful and reminded of how the majority of people want to connect and share their passion if you just ask them to. So on this inspirational high sitting at our desks, we started reaching out to everyone and anyone we have admired or just love what they are doing, on the off chance they had time to become involved in what we are trying to create. That’s when we emailed Henry Rollins of Black Flag fame. Rollins was and still is an authoritative figure on the DIY movement and the mad dog wrote back to our email within two days. Henry Rollins emailed us saying he would be happy for us to interview him for a future issue, are you kidding? 

It worked. Rollins stated in his email that DIY “Is more pervasive now than ever in my opinion and from it, there is a lot of good things happening”.

And with that single ‘We can’t believe Henry Rollins wrote to us moment’ we are excited to present to you issue 3, the DIY issue, but really every issue we release will always be tied to the subculture that represents people power, perseverance and creativity.

Do It Yourself.