The North


Issue Nº 5

Printed Newspaper Journal – Autumn 2015

“Assumption is the mother of all fuckups”



Routine is something that we often all crave. It offers comfort, stability and some form of ‘normality’ in your life. Then there are expectations. With routine you come to expect certain things to manifest, certain things to simply go along as they always do. Then when the milkman doesn’t turn up at 8am, bus driver Doris decides to take a new and ‘improved’ (bullshit) route to work and your better half orders pizza on Tuesday, which was supposed to be lamb cutlet day, you have a good old fashioned freak-out. Next thing you know the Vegemite is replaced with Marmite and the loveable labrador has become a bastard cat.

Then there are those moments in life when you realise that routine is dragging you away from all the things that really matter. You realise that the unexpected events in your day were actually way better than hi-fiving grumpy ass Johnny at work at 8:59 am for the fifth time that week. So when we took off on the North Journal road trip at the beginning of summer it was a fresh wake up call that planning to have no plans is the best way to learn new things, see new things and meet new people.

Learning to see the value in those unexpected moments is a pretty powerful state of mind to have. Getting a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere and learning your car jack just ain’t going to cut it forces some pretty interesting work-arounds. Then there’s the time you are sitting in the local bowlo after camping for a few days straight, minding your own business and excited to eat a good north coast bowlo meal. Somehow, your slightly excited two beers down mate decides to become besties with the local crew who have been staring at you for the last twenty minutes, looking like they want to show you city slickers a thing or two about drinking and fighting with a pool cue. Turns out they weren’t the rough small town riff-raff we moronically thought they were. More like a pack of legends with amazing war stories ranging from rolling semi-trailers to the real methods of honey farming. Several beers later and after the best bowlo meal you could ever imagine, shared with our new best friends from a town I’d prefer to keep a secret (because it’s my new favourite place), we were reminded of the power of dropping expectations. Pretty sure Steven Seagal said that “assumption is the mother of all fuckups”.  Hear, hear, Steven, hear, hear.

Welcome to the road trip issue. We took to the road for two weeks over summer avoiding routine and throwing ourselves into situations with no foregone conclusion. Sure, we have done the north trip from Sydney a thousand times but even that had been fraught with routine in the past, so this time new towns were visited, back roads were taken and there wasn’t a deadline in sight. We hope this inspires you to take off and see a bit of this diverse country. And remember, when you are on the edge of taking a knife to a gunfight, just think, “will it make a good barbecue story?” If the answer is yes, then surely it’s the way to go.