The North


Issue Nº 8

Printed Newspaper Journal – Summer 2015/16

“Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when i was dead broke man i couldn’t picture this”



This issue marks two years of independent publishing for the North Journal. The initial plan was pretty vague and didn’t really have any form of a timeline, but sometimes just being stubborn and excited about a project is the best way to move forward. We have met and interviewed people we never thought would even write back to our emails, let alone sit down and spend an afternoon with us opening up about their story. There have been stories of near death experiences, humble boat building families, train hopping adventures, do-it-yourself skateparks, artistic wonder, the art of apiary, Brooklyn truck drivers, classic Australian and Californian road trips.  As we sit here reflecting on the past two years fumbling through the past seven issues, we can’t help but be excited about the future stories that are to waiting to be told. The late nights, the waves of writers block, the juggling of other jobs and the stresses of being able to pay the print bill all only add to the motivation to make sure we keep this damn thing alive. We are in too deep now.

Since the beginning we have had countless people donate their skills and time to help us out and we can not thank you enough. Especially all those involved in issue one, when we had absolutely nothing to show you but an idea in a PDF file on an iPad. Without those few people and those few businesses in the beginning taking a chance with us, we may have never pushed print. The paper has reminded us about the power of having a gang, a community and the power of being connected to those around you. This intro is getting a tad cheesy and we apologise, it’s not normally our style, but we somehow just survived two years so we thought you would let it slide this one time. This issue is a thank you to all the people who have been involved and all the businesses that have and continue to support us. 

To say thank you, we bring you space exploration, timeless Australian photography in some close to home parallels, an inspiring creative duo, a very weird but beautiful summer in New York and other stories that must be told. Look forward to seeing you all again in issue nine.