The North


Issue Nº 9

Printed Newspaper Journal – Autumn 2016

“If i’d asked the people what they wanted, they would
have said faster horses”



Summer, you were a hot, volatile, dreamy, son of a bitch this year. One minute you were showing off all you had to offer; warm water, light afternoon northerlies, clear blue skies and long sunsets. Then all of a sudden I’m running to my car in a hail storm that threatens to destroy my beautiful new 9’5 piece of art longboard that I gifted to myself for Christmas. It sat nervously on the roof of my truck wondering why I would put it through such torture after all the good times it gave me on empty north coast beaches this year when the school crowds had disappeared and people learned to drive again.

Summer, you are really confusing. Last week I surfed with dolphins and then I saw an eagle catch a sting ray as I drove along an empty beach en-route to the Crescent Head pub for dinner. Life was good.  But then today you really slapped me in the face, what did I do? I thought we were getting along again after I forgave you for the hail storm and that weird week of southerlies and rain in early January? Leave the past in the past they say? I thought we agreed to give it another shot? Especially today when I took the day off to spend time with you and allowed myself to be seduced into your warm blue ocean with that 35 degree land temperature giving me no other option but to come running. And then, WHACK!…

You showed the true cold bastard you can be today and threw a swarm of sea devils (bluebottles) my way and decided to remind me why it may not work out between us after all. The sea devils wrapped around my leg, my foot and my hips instantly injecting me with that all too familiar poison. I immediately retreated and cursed your name. I think it’s time for a break, we should see others for a while. See what else is out there, cooler nights maybe, no sea devils perhaps, shorter days, whale migrations and that refreshing chill in the morning that calls for a woollen jumper that can be removed around lunch time. Actually Summer, it’s time I stop putting this off, I think I like Autumn now. You need to know I’ve moved on, who knows maybe we’ll end up back together one day, give it another shot, but for now we need some time apart.