The North


Issue Nº 6

Printed Newspaper Journal – Winter 2015

“Change the channel Marge”



When we sat down around two years ago in our (formerly) mould infested, but amazingly located beach shack, living the life of penniless millionaires, we talked about the concept of a community driven newspaper entitled the North Journal, we listed what we wanted to achieve. After a couple of sunset beers, some early evening red wine and late night whiskey, we had quite the list of goals and blah blah blah, all those things people tell you that you should have when you are going to start a business. So we lost the piece of paper somewhere in the abyss of scribbled notes and reference material within two days, but there was a sentence that we recalled, as we sit here on deadline for issue 6. Somewhere in impeccable hand writing is the bullet point “Unearth subcultures”. It’s a bit of a wanky assemblage of words but when you think about it, it’s a mantra that is very relevant to our version of story telling. 

The idea of subculture is pretty broad in its definition and there seems to be a new subculture born every second, but in a very basic sense we like to think that subculture is a segment of society that often disrupts or steps away from the mainstream culture at some point. These subcultures are what make society interesting.You can almost guarantee that no matter how niche or obscure your new interest may be, there will be at least a couple of other people out there who are just as weird and interested as you are. Together you can connect through your new found subculture.

The unearthing of these subcultures is nothing new, we know that, but shit it is exciting when something slides across the cluttered North Journal desk knocking over your morning coffee but you don’t even give a damn because the content in front of you is like a 16yr old pot smoking kid using clear eyes for the first time. This happens every issue without fail and we get so excited to share with you our most recent discovery, sure you may have seen it before, maybe you haven’t, maybe you think it is rubbish and wish you hadn’t spent the energy focusing your eyes, but hey you could turn the page and give up or you could sit, sip that coffee and read something that challenges your point of view, expands your world and teaches you something about someone you never thought you would meet. Even if at the end of all that, you still can’t stand the sight of what you are seeing, at least you can say you listened, which is more than most people can say in this world. Go on, have a listen.