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'We're All Going to Die' is a Must Watch Short Film

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If you’re a loyal follower of all things North Journal - and we’re hoping that you are - you would have heard rumblings of a multimedia project of epic proportions in Sydney late last year.

Bluntly titled ‘We’re All Going to Die’, the creative offspring of filmmaker Stefan Hunt was a festival that encouraged its attendees to ‘live more, fear less’, bringing together art, music, photography, dance, meditation, and inspiring panels into one single event. 

It’s officially been a year since Stefan’s inaugural We’re All Going to Die festival (with plans to expand to bigger and better things next year, can’t stop this gravy train baby) and to celebrate both the epic achievement and looking a little less haggard than he did this time last year, our mate Stefan has decided to release his short film We’re All Going to Die onto the masses. 

Born first from a poem, which became a book, followed by a short film, and finishing with a festival, the notion that “We’re All Going to Die” aims to use death and art to empower audiences to forget about the small stuff, and chase their dreams. Narrated by Hugo Weaving and starring comedian Jared Jekyll, Stefan’s seven-minute short film is a humorous reminder that our time on this big old Earth is limited, so you may as well go out an do something with it. Hit play up top.