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Greetings from... TCSS

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Greetings from... TCSS

The Critical Slide Society – Winter/Summer '17

Sharing our love of travel, adventure and a self confessed desire to piss-off for the weekend, the gang at TCSS have just dropped a new collection of threads to support our collective habit. Running away is in our DNA... patent pending (coughs).

We've attached a few of our favourite items below, which I'm sure I'll grow to regret posting once I walk down barefoot boulevard in Avalon sporting said ensemble, as a much cooler Av Cat walks past and 'wears it better'. Shop it HERE.


"How Can I"
Written and Performed by The Ruminaters
Courtesy of The Sunball Machine
Licensed Courtesy of PEERMUSIC Australia

Benjy Fodor
Featuring Kai Ellice-Flint & Paul Nunn

By Arswandaru Cahyo



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For our fourth and final adventure, we decided for an all-girls affair.  We grabbed a bunch of classic Kombis, and armed with a sweet girl gang we headed south to the Great Ocean Road. We crossed borders and met up with old friends while making some new ones along the way. The swell forecast was not looking great for the ocean, so we decided to make the most of the awesome vehicles and clock up some serious kilometres. After all, if there is anywhere in Australia that makes driving long distances entertaining, it’s the stunning Great Ocean Road.

Check out the full journey, here: Corona Extra Australia


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For our third and slightly different adventure we have hit the great western highway and rolled up into the mountains. This is an ode to fresh water swimming holes, huge waterfalls and giant cliffs. The Blue Mountains in summer is a very special place and was nice to escape the coastal crowds and explore the bush. Presented by Corona Australia and supported by our friends Bear Rentals.

Check out the full journey, here: Corona Extra Australia


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Presented by Corona Extra Australia

The south coast of Sydney is kind of like your mate’s younger sibling. You know they exist, but it’s only once you get to a certain age that you realise they’re looking pretty great, and maybe it’s a good idea?  A lot of peopledon’t consider the south coast, tending to head north in search of slightly warmer water, weather, and a few familiar spots that get pretty slammed in the summer time. For this journey, we wanted to pick a spot we could reach in a few hours for a quick, inexpensive adventure, and we wanted to head south. The beauty of the south coast can’t be faulted - calm inlets, long stretches of beach bordered with national parks, powerful reef breaks, lakes and acres of farmland. 

The actual journey to the south coast trumps heading up north every time. Once you hit that long, sloping hill down into Wollongong you’ll be greeted with your first surf check and from there the drive is a breeze. Less ugly highway, and more bushland will welcome you all the way down, as you drive through everyone’s favourite pit stop, Berry (if you don’t stop at Milkwood Bakery for a bacon and egg roll you’re mad), and then onwards to wherever you want to set up camp: Mollymook, Sussex Inlet, Bendalong, wherever. We decided to pull up stumps around Bawley Point, a sleep little coastal town with a population of around 600 people. From there we could explore the area around Shoalhaven, visiting a few favourite spots in and around Ulladulla, and discovering some new spots. Thanks to North Journal and Bear Rentals we ended up having a damn good time as well, so we thought it was only fair to sprinkle the knowledge dust a little further.

Check out the full journey, here:

KEEP ROLLING (1/4) – Crossing Borders

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When we think of adventure, we tend to think of hours behind the wheel; days spent in transit and countless kilometres covered. These long trips can leave the weary traveller feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and penniless. Long winded, expensive and well thought out adventures have their place, but it is important to remember the value of being able to load up the car on a Friday after work and just taking off. Exploring your backyard without a map and making the right-hand turn where you usually turn left.

This trip on the QLD and NSW border was a last minute idea, one without much planning besides a brief look at a map and scouring over some towns we had never heard of. Throw a bag of ice, an esky full of food and beer, a bunch of surfboards and some hiking boots in the back of the truck and we were set. There was no huge convoy of mates or chasing any swell up and down the coast like we so often do, just a couple of friends with the plan to stop having so many plans.

The fellas, Rad Dan and Nicka, were straight into solving the first dilemma: to head west or stay on the coast? Rad Dan won the coin toss, so we decided to head inland over the mountains in the distance, then once sufficiently lost and ocean hungry, head back to the coast. It’s important on these impulse trips to not waste too much time making decisions – a good old coin toss should become the chief decision maker. A rough mental map was drawn in our heads, and we took off following roads we knew existed but had never driven. For a group of guys who have collectively seen a lot of the world, it was surprising we had never explored what was across the street.

Read the full story at Corona Extra Australia

Corona Extra x NORTH – Summer Journey Competition

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Corona Extra x NORTH – Summer Journey Competition 

Thanks to our friends at Corona Extra, we have an amazing prize to give away this Summer.

All you have to do to enter is share your Summer Journey with us by uploading a photo from your latest adventure to Instagram. Tag 3 friends and @coronaextra_au & @north_journal in the caption and hashtag #CoronaJourneys for your chance to win the ULTIMATE Corona Journeys prize pack including:

1 x Bear Rentals Camping Package, 1 x Poler 2-Man Tent, 1 x Dead Kooks Custom Surfboard, 2 x Poler Napsacks, 2 x Poler Rucksack Bags, 1 x Poler Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 2 x Poler Camp Vibe Mugs, 1 x Corona 120L Esky, 2 x Corona Towels, 2 x Corona Caps.

Thanks to our friends at @coronaextra_au @poler_australia, @bearrentals, @deadkooks

Issue 11 Launch

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We all know you like to drink free beer and wine, but we also know you like to look at nice pictures created by cool people. Come down this Saturday to do just that and also be the first people to walk away with issue 11. 

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Part 5 in our mini web series about our Coast to Coast journey across Australia, brew a cup of tea, put your feet up and see the printed images from issue 10 come to life.

Sydney Design School Open Day

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Our good friends over at the Sydney Design School have their open this Saturday the 18th of June. 

Just like us here in the North Journal office, the creatives over at Sydney Design School believe in the power of classy and beautiful aesthetics, especially in the field of Interior Design. 

So head along this weekend for the chance to Immerse yourself in the exciting world of interior design and kick start your career. The school's Director, Amanda Grace, will be giving a 30 minute presentation at 11am covering everything you need to know about our career courses and flexible learning options. To attend, simply head to their website and register your details.


The Wanderer

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Our friend and classy picture taker Kat Parker has just released a collection of her stunning images for purchase on her website

Do yourself the pleasure of watching the video here to see what it's all about



Rolling Notes - COAST TO COAST Day 2

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All photos Grace Picot. 

Words Tim Boreham

Day Two saw us waking in the amazing Oxley Wild River National park. We had set up camp in the dark to the sounds of a fellow camper known as "Tassie", when I asked why do they call him Tassie, he raised his large and very bizarre cocktail glass/mug hybrid and took a sip, he then replied with a very profound " 'Cos i'm from Tassie". Makes sense I guess. 

We woke to the loud sounds of cockatoos and other creatures then made a fire and loaded up the jaffle iron with peanut butter sandwiches, who said you couldn't have peanut butter jaffles? After a long breakfast and a few cups of tea we set out to explore the surrounding area. We were blown away by the gorges that somehow appeared in what I thought was farm land and we saw more waterfalls in two days than I knew existed, short and fat ones, tall and skinny ones and large robust ones that blew us away. I guess thats why it's called waterfall way. 

We realised very quickly that the Oxley Wild River is far too huge to explore in a day or two and vow to come back for at least a week next time. That afternoon we hit the road, we rolled West to Armidale then South towards Dubbo with the idea that we just drive until we are tired then stop in the nearest town. It turned out the town of Dunedoo was just the spot to lay the head. 


Rolling Notes - COAST TO COAST - DAY ONE

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All photos Grace Picot unless stated. 

The idea of driving across Australia in the noisy old North Delivery Van all came to reality today. After weeks of an uncertain departure date and adding the last minute essentials to the truck we finally left the warm, safe, acai bowl infested and crowded shores of the Gold Coast where we had been on a work trip for the past two weeks. The day before departure we had surfed what would be called 'almost pumping' Snapper and Greenmount with a million of our closest friends, including Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and every other pro who was still in town and wave hungry. After surfing for around three hours with about three waves, it was time to call it quits. I remember walking up the beach with a defeated look on my face and saying out loud, "get me the hell outta here".

It was a 5am wake up call as we said goodbye to the routine and felt the nerves of uncertainty creep in. No matter how excited I get on road trips there is always whispers of insecurity floating around in my mind. What if the 1989 Land Rover decides it's had enough? I'm no bush mechanic after all. What if I don't load the jerry cans up with enough fuel across the Nullarbor? What if I hit a Kangaroo the size of the incredible hulk? But then I snap back to reality, it's Australia, my home country, I speak the same language, I know our customs and currency and most of all help is never too far away. Or is it? After all it's a country with a lot of open space and with not a whole lot around. 

We began the drive in the dark Rolling South across the QLD border back into NSW and headed inland from Byron Bay for some water fall swims. After all the land temperature was around 35 degrees which means the truck temperature is at about 39 degrees until you hit 110kmh when the air in the manually opened vents at the front begin to finally flow.

After a morning spent by the falls we continued along an old favourite, up the Waterfall Way road through Bellingen and heading west out past Dorrigo. It was the land that lay beyond these known parts that excited me most, the Oxley Wild River National park where we would set up camp for the night and explore the next day. 

The next two weeks we will be making our way to Margaret River, WA, When internet permits we will be posting updates on here. 

Thanks to Poler Stuff and Corona Extra for helping us along the way.