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Rolling Notes - COAST TO COAST Day 2

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All photos Grace Picot. 

Words Tim Boreham

Day Two saw us waking in the amazing Oxley Wild River National park. We had set up camp in the dark to the sounds of a fellow camper known as "Tassie", when I asked why do they call him Tassie, he raised his large and very bizarre cocktail glass/mug hybrid and took a sip, he then replied with a very profound " 'Cos i'm from Tassie". Makes sense I guess. 

We woke to the loud sounds of cockatoos and other creatures then made a fire and loaded up the jaffle iron with peanut butter sandwiches, who said you couldn't have peanut butter jaffles? After a long breakfast and a few cups of tea we set out to explore the surrounding area. We were blown away by the gorges that somehow appeared in what I thought was farm land and we saw more waterfalls in two days than I knew existed, short and fat ones, tall and skinny ones and large robust ones that blew us away. I guess thats why it's called waterfall way. 

We realised very quickly that the Oxley Wild River is far too huge to explore in a day or two and vow to come back for at least a week next time. That afternoon we hit the road, we rolled West to Armidale then South towards Dubbo with the idea that we just drive until we are tired then stop in the nearest town. It turned out the town of Dunedoo was just the spot to lay the head.