The North



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The south coast of Sydney is kind of like your mate’s younger sibling. You know they exist, but it’s only once you get to a certain age that you realise they’re looking pretty great, and maybe it’s a good idea?  A lot of peopledon’t consider the south coast, tending to head north in search of slightly warmer water, weather, and a few familiar spots that get pretty slammed in the summer time. For this journey, we wanted to pick a spot we could reach in a few hours for a quick, inexpensive adventure, and we wanted to head south. The beauty of the south coast can’t be faulted - calm inlets, long stretches of beach bordered with national parks, powerful reef breaks, lakes and acres of farmland. 

The actual journey to the south coast trumps heading up north every time. Once you hit that long, sloping hill down into Wollongong you’ll be greeted with your first surf check and from there the drive is a breeze. Less ugly highway, and more bushland will welcome you all the way down, as you drive through everyone’s favourite pit stop, Berry (if you don’t stop at Milkwood Bakery for a bacon and egg roll you’re mad), and then onwards to wherever you want to set up camp: Mollymook, Sussex Inlet, Bendalong, wherever. We decided to pull up stumps around Bawley Point, a sleep little coastal town with a population of around 600 people. From there we could explore the area around Shoalhaven, visiting a few favourite spots in and around Ulladulla, and discovering some new spots. Thanks to North Journal and Bear Rentals we ended up having a damn good time as well, so we thought it was only fair to sprinkle the knowledge dust a little further.

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