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Our guide to summer at The Newport

Matt PikeComment

Arguably the best spot for a drink in Sydney is The Newport, and we have suspicions that they know it too. But not one to rest on their laurels however, the jewel in the Northern Beaches’ crown has ramped up the action again this summer, bringing you more live music, films, and culture than you thought humanly possible. And because we’re suckers for a deal (see also, free) we’ve gone and handpicked exactly what you should be turning up for, because those long steamy nights weren’t made for sitting inside on your phone. Cold beer and hot pizza not mandatory, but recommended. 


Monday: Cinema By The Sea

Going to the movies ain’t cheap anymore, unless you’re heading along to The Newport on Mondays that is. A free film every week, accompanied by a million dollar backdrop and a cold beverage - need we say more?

Big Tuesdays with Jack McCoy

Renowned surf filmmaker Jack McCoy handpicks the best in the surf world to showcase up on the big screen, from cult classics to the must-watch films courtesy of the next gen. The full lineup, in here.

Wednesday: New Talent Night

They say that mistakes are the portal of discovery, so make the mistake of being at The Newport every Wednesday to get acquainted with the best local musicians you’re yet to hear of. Live music is better, in here:

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