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KEEP ROLLING (1/4) – Crossing Borders

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When we think of adventure, we tend to think of hours behind the wheel; days spent in transit and countless kilometres covered. These long trips can leave the weary traveller feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and penniless. Long winded, expensive and well thought out adventures have their place, but it is important to remember the value of being able to load up the car on a Friday after work and just taking off. Exploring your backyard without a map and making the right-hand turn where you usually turn left.

This trip on the QLD and NSW border was a last minute idea, one without much planning besides a brief look at a map and scouring over some towns we had never heard of. Throw a bag of ice, an esky full of food and beer, a bunch of surfboards and some hiking boots in the back of the truck and we were set. There was no huge convoy of mates or chasing any swell up and down the coast like we so often do, just a couple of friends with the plan to stop having so many plans.

The fellas, Rad Dan and Nicka, were straight into solving the first dilemma: to head west or stay on the coast? Rad Dan won the coin toss, so we decided to head inland over the mountains in the distance, then once sufficiently lost and ocean hungry, head back to the coast. It’s important on these impulse trips to not waste too much time making decisions – a good old coin toss should become the chief decision maker. A rough mental map was drawn in our heads, and we took off following roads we knew existed but had never driven. For a group of guys who have collectively seen a lot of the world, it was surprising we had never explored what was across the street.

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Our friend and classy picture taker Kat Parker has just released a collection of her stunning images for purchase on her website

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