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Rolling Notes - COAST TO COAST - DAY ONE

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All photos Grace Picot unless stated. 

The idea of driving across Australia in the noisy old North Delivery Van all came to reality today. After weeks of an uncertain departure date and adding the last minute essentials to the truck we finally left the warm, safe, acai bowl infested and crowded shores of the Gold Coast where we had been on a work trip for the past two weeks. The day before departure we had surfed what would be called 'almost pumping' Snapper and Greenmount with a million of our closest friends, including Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and every other pro who was still in town and wave hungry. After surfing for around three hours with about three waves, it was time to call it quits. I remember walking up the beach with a defeated look on my face and saying out loud, "get me the hell outta here".

It was a 5am wake up call as we said goodbye to the routine and felt the nerves of uncertainty creep in. No matter how excited I get on road trips there is always whispers of insecurity floating around in my mind. What if the 1989 Land Rover decides it's had enough? I'm no bush mechanic after all. What if I don't load the jerry cans up with enough fuel across the Nullarbor? What if I hit a Kangaroo the size of the incredible hulk? But then I snap back to reality, it's Australia, my home country, I speak the same language, I know our customs and currency and most of all help is never too far away. Or is it? After all it's a country with a lot of open space and with not a whole lot around. 

We began the drive in the dark Rolling South across the QLD border back into NSW and headed inland from Byron Bay for some water fall swims. After all the land temperature was around 35 degrees which means the truck temperature is at about 39 degrees until you hit 110kmh when the air in the manually opened vents at the front begin to finally flow.

After a morning spent by the falls we continued along an old favourite, up the Waterfall Way road through Bellingen and heading west out past Dorrigo. It was the land that lay beyond these known parts that excited me most, the Oxley Wild River National park where we would set up camp for the night and explore the next day. 

The next two weeks we will be making our way to Margaret River, WA, When internet permits we will be posting updates on here. 

Thanks to Poler Stuff and Corona Extra for helping us along the way.