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This five word truth has inspired a 100% independent arts festival that uses death to shift our perspective on fear, and the role it plays in all our lives.

This year I've been working on a project with a good friend of mine, Stefan Hunt. It's called We're All Going to Die. Sobering stuff I know, but turns out it happens to us all one day. This project is about letting go of your fears and diving head long into what you really want to do in life.

I designed the hardcover book for the project around Stefan's inspired illustrations and poem. It's available for pre purchase now through a donation to campaign via the projects Kickstarter page. Here: Which has loads of other benefits including tickets to the festival of the year on the 17th November.

Thank you for your support.

Matt Pike, NJ

Sydney Design School Open Day

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Our good friends over at the Sydney Design School have their open this Saturday the 18th of June. 

Just like us here in the North Journal office, the creatives over at Sydney Design School believe in the power of classy and beautiful aesthetics, especially in the field of Interior Design. 

So head along this weekend for the chance to Immerse yourself in the exciting world of interior design and kick start your career. The school's Director, Amanda Grace, will be giving a 30 minute presentation at 11am covering everything you need to know about our career courses and flexible learning options. To attend, simply head to their website and register your details.


The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

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A children's book by Chris Burkard about finding joy in the journey and enjoying the great outdoors.

Chris Burkard has always been one of our favorite photographers and real inspirations to travel. He has teamed up with Disney Interactive artist David McClellan & Dreamling Books to launch a kickstarter campaign to create a beautiful and thought provoking children's book.

Well worth a pledge